Sunday, 18 January 2015


     Obesity is one of the major cause of several diseases now a days. The obesity cases are increasing gradually day by day in modern society. A new endocrine Society Clinical-practice guideline on the pharmacological management of obesity outlines a plan for the use of weight loss medications and get away from the medication which are associated with weight gain.

    Professionals who involved in the present research warns the health care professionals that, they must treat the obesity first before going to treat other comorbidities caused by weight gain like,
1. Diabetes
2. Hypertension and
3. Dislipidamia.

Drugs available for the treatment of Obesity:
1. Buprapion/Naltroxone
2. Liraglutide

   These agents join with controlled-release Phentermine, Topiramate and Lorcaserine to treat obesity. Orlistat is available as over the counter drug in the U.S market.

    Use of  approved medication weight-loss medications is used for the people with a BMI of 30 kg/m2 or atleast 27 kg/m2 with or 1 or more comorbidities.

    Pharmacological treatment of obesity is bariatric surgery and usage of approved weight loss medication. But the bariatric surgery involves more complications than medication. Where as
 the weight loss medication usage are convinced by several patients.

Change your food Hbits

   The researchers also telling that the doctors has to treat obesity first and also recommend life style modifications like Yoga, Aerobics etc., Hypoglycemic agents like Metformin and other drugs can increases body weight. So the doctors has to be cautious about this medication.



 If there is no change in weight even after the 2 weeks of therapy with any weight loss medication then immediately stop that agent and skip for other medication.


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