Thursday, 8 January 2015

Alcohol Poisoning Deaths Increasing Day by Day

More than people die from alcohol poisoning every day in U.S. But the statistics in India are under estimated. So, we have also need to calculate alcoholic deaths.

Risk factors:
1.   Females are more prone to alcoholic deaths than male. The fatal dose of alcohol for men is 20g per    day for a week and for females is 12g per day for 1week.
 2.       Consumption of alcohol without food or along with smoking.
3.       Patients having history of liver and renal disorders.
4.       Diabetic patients.

Alcohol poisoning deaths are a heart breaking reminder of the dangers of excessive alcohol use, which is a leading cause of preventable deaths in world especially U.S.
So, we have to implement effective steps to decrease the alcoholic deaths by educating the people about effects of alcohol consumption.

Mechanism of alcoholic death:

Alcohol poisoning deaths are caused by drinking a large amount of alcohol in a short period which can depresses breathing, heart rate and body temperature. According to the CDCs Vital signs report, three quarters of alcohol poisoning deaths occurred in adults 35 to 64 years old.

Diseases associated with alcohol consumption:

1. Renal failure
2.Liver cirrhosis
3. Stroke
4. Several cancers
5. Mental disorders etc.,

Liver cirrhosis


Deaths from alcohol poisoning are a serious and preventable worldwide public problem. A comprehensive approach to the prevention of excessive drinking that includes evidence-based community and clinical prevention strategies is needed to decrease alcohol poisoning deaths and other harms attributable to excessive alcohol use.

Steps may decrease alcoholic deaths:

1.   Public awareness about alcoholic poisoning.
2.       Government strategies that alcohol selling restriction to the adults only.
3.       Immediate treatment for alcohol poisoning.


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