Monday, 12 January 2015

Common Symptoms of Cancer in Females.

    Cancer is the condition in which normal body cells will grow abnormally that will appear as tumors.  The developing cancers needs more nourishment than normal cells. So, they degrades body normal physiology. Final stage of cancer is fatal leads to death.

   Cancer is one of the fatal disease condition that increases day by day in modern world. There are 4 stages in the cancer based on severity of symptoms. If cancer detected in 1st  or 2nd stage it will be cured by using chemo and radiation therapy in 50 to 80% of cases. The main drawback of cancer is the detection of symptoms. Because the symptoms are not recognized up to 3rd stage. In 3rd stage the survival rate is minimum.
Breast cancer- Self examination

Ovarian cancer

   But now a days several treatment options are available for treating cancer. The only need is to detect the symptoms at early stage. So, normal people need to educate about symptoms of cancer. Here, we are giving some common symptoms of cancer that one should not ignore this symptoms.

They are,
1. Changes in Breast size, shape:
It may be the alarming sign for breast and ovarian cancer.

2. Bloating:
Females are common bloaters. But if excess bloating is there, you should consult gynecologist. It may be the symptom for ovarian cancer.

3. Skin change:
If the moles on skin getting changes in their size, color it may indicates skin cancer.

4. Lymph node changes:
Lymph nodes are commonly swells due to indications. But there is excessive swelling it may indicates Leukemia or  Lymphoma.

5. Swallowing difficulty:
If there is difficulty in swallowing it may indicates throat cancer if you are smokers. Swallowing difficulty is also one of the symptoms of Parkinsonism disease.

6. Fever:
If you are suffering from fever frequently along with other symptoms of cancer it may indicates cancer.

7. Heart burn:
If you are frequently suffering from heart burn along with blood stains in stool it may indicates colon cancer.

8. Blood in stools:
If you observe blood in stools at the geriatric age it may indicates colon cancer. Never ignore it.

9. Weight loss:
If you are loosing weight with out trying it indicates any type of cancer. Weight loss is also a common symptom for several diseases like thyroid disorders, diabetes etc.,

10. Mouth cahanges:
If you are a smoker and if you observe any colour changes on lips or any ulcers in mouth, it may indicates oral cancer.

11. Depression:
Although depression is the symptom for psychic disorders, cancer patients also experience depression in some rare conditions.

If you observe the above symptoms first you have to consult physician to relieve symptoms. If the symptoms do not relieve you should consult oncologist for cancer detection and treatment.


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