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What is Swine flu:

It is one type of fever that is caused by Influenza virus. There are 3 types in Influenza virus.

  1. A type
  2.  B type 
  3.   C type

B and C are present in human beings. No need to worry about these types. B type is present in humans, pigs and some birds. Swine flu disease is first found in Mexico where more pig farms are maintaining. They frequently use pork as their daily food. The virus present in pig was interacted with the virus present in human and it leads to formation of severe virus that is H1 N1 virus. This mechanism is called as Antigenic shift. This is the causative organism of Swine flu. This virus first transfer from pig to humans and again transmitted from human to human which became most dangerous and communicable disease worldwide. 

What is H1 N1:

Influenza virus contains 2 types of antigens- H and N. H antigen again contains 9 types 1-9. N antigen contains 1-15 types. Among these types of antigens any type can interact with any type and can form new antigens. Here also happens the same thing. 1 type of H is combined with 9 type of N and form H1N1 virus.
H1N1- Swine flu virus
H3N2- Flu virus
H5n5- Bird flu virus

Modes of Transmission of Swine flu:
  1. Swine flu can be transmitted from men to men through droplets of infected person.
  2.  This virus will releases into air by the person at the time of cough and sneeze.
Signs and Symptoms:
  1.  Fever.
  2.  Headache.
  3.  Throat infection.
  4.   Body aches.
  5. Sneezing.
  6. Fatigue etc.,

Swine flu virus does not present in blood samples. It is present in fluids of nose and mouth. This will be collected by using ear bud and this will send for culture test. 

Current status of Swine flu:

Today swine flu is not a severe case because we have better treatment for this. In the year of 2009 and 2010 swine flu is a severe disease. But Researches and WHO is telling that, in future swine flu will become as severe disease due to it modes of transmission.  That’s why we have to be aware of this disease.

Prevention methods:
  1. Isolation of patient.
  2.  Use mask when going into crowd areas.
  3. Wash hands with hand wash after sneezing .
  4. Take proper diet.
  5.  Use medicines as physician advice.
  6. Swine flu Vaccination.

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