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Yes, obviously.....
The recent studies conducted in U.K telling that cancer deaths can be prevented in the age group of below 80 years by the year of 2050. Cancer occurrence at younger stage and adult age below 80 tears can be cured by using present treatment methods.

How can we??
      This is the question that everyone will ask after hearing this news. Here, is the answer. As we know that the main problem in the treatment of cancer is, delay in the detection. Cancer symptoms are not at all detectable at the early stages. In some persons a few symptoms may be detectable. Because the symptoms of cancer are same as other common diseases.

How to detect cancer at early stages:
 To detect cancer at early stages we need some knowledge.
1. Every person has to aware about cancer symptoms.
2. Government and other professionals have to take step forward to educate people about symptoms.
3.  Encourage people to consult physician when suspicious cancer symptoms are detected.

Main cancers that causing more deaths:
There are some cancers in the modern society that causes more deaths. They are
1. Ovarian cancer
2. Breast cancer
3. Prostate cancer
4. Oral cancer
5. Colon cancer
These are some of the main cancer that are causing deaths. So the society has to conscious about the symptoms of these types of cancers.

Illustration Of Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian cancer

Preventive Measures:
        Everyone is thinking that cancer is the deadly disease and if cancer occurs there is no way for anything that death. First we have to erase this belief from minds. Several people scare to consult physician with cancer symptoms by expecting the diagnostic outcome. So, we have to encourage to consulting physician.

It is not easy to prevent cancer without proper steps. Here are some of them.
1. Follow healthy life style.
2. Early detection of disease.
3. Advanced diagnostic techniques
4. Advanced treatment methods
5. Healthy food habits
6. Medication adherence
Healthy food


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