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Safe and Effective Long-Acting Contraceptives LNG-IUS, ENG


Contraception (birth control) prevents pregnancy by interfering with the normal process of
 Fertilization and
There are different kinds of birth control that act at different points in the process.
1. Contraceptives
2. Condom and
3. Tubal ligation

Intrauterine contraception

Every women ovaries releases one egg (ovum) that have the potency to fertilize when male sperm come into contact with it. If there is no availability of sperm as in case of absence of sexual intercourse the egg get excreted through menstruation.
Now a days many young ladies wish to avoid pregnancy because of several reasons like
1. Career plannings
2. Health conciou
3. Family planning
4. Financial issues etc.,
It is not easy to go for Abortion after conceiving. So, contraceptives is one of the great invention of modern era to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Now a days women depends on contraceptive methods to avoid pregnancy. But some are thinking that the contraceptive methods are not safe for long term use.

Here, we have modern contraceptive methods which are safe on long term usage.
1. Levonorgestrel Intrauterine System (LNG-IUS)
2. Etonogestrel Sub dermal Implants (ENG)  

The researchers conducted study in U.S on long acting oral contraceptives found that the long term usage of LNG-IUS, ENG is safe. They also told that physicians has to counsel  about the long term use of this contraceptives.Contraceptives are majorly used by young ladies aged 15-44 years in U.S.

Usage of  LNG-IUS, ENG:
LNG-IUS, ENG are implanted by physicians (Obstetrician and gyneocologists).

Side effects of LNG-IUS, ENG:
No one medicine is safe without any side effects. contraceptives also involves some mild to moderate side effects as,
1. Abnormal bleeding
2. Uterine hemorrhage
3. Cervicitis
4. Excessive menstruation
5. Rarely serious adverse effect like Pelvic inflammation.

The failure of this contraceptive methods is less and some times no failure their pate at all.
The researchers also told that physicians has to consel their patients about the effecs of contraceptives and in case of side effects they have to prescribe Doxicycline, tranexamic acid mifepristone combined with estrogen etc., to treat infections.

Ultimately women has to use contraceptives under the supervision of physician to avoid serious side effects and patients has to monitor regularly for hormone levels. 


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