Monday, 5 January 2015

Job oppurtunities for Pharm.D students

Following are some of the  diverse career options available to PharmD graduates:
1. Clinic Pharmacy Practice
2. Community Pharmacy
3. Geriatric Pharmacy
4. Government Jobs
5. Health Care
6. Hospital Pharmacy
7. Pharmacovigillance
8. Pharmaceutical Industry
9. Pharmacoeconomics
10. Pharmacy Education  (Teaching profession)
11. Specialized Area Opportunities like
 a. Consulting
 b. Regal practice
c. Drug information
d. Poison control and
 e. Pharmacy affairs

    But all these jobs need a skilled pharmacists in the area of drugs and diseases. Apart from that the pharmacist must thorough about doses and adverse effects of drugs. Every faculty of colleges need to make students skilled in pharmacy practice and then only the society gains much more from the pharmacy department.

    Pharmacist must engage with the health care professionals to provide pharmaceutical care to the patients. Give up to date information about drugs to the physicians, nurses and all health care professionals (HCPs)

Pharmaceutical care Services


Community Pharmacy


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