Friday, 19 June 2015

Do You Support Maggi????

Today everybody in the world especially in India are talking about banning of Nestle Maggi and withdrawn of crores of Maggi stock from the market.

      As we know that till 2 decades Maggi became a part of our life. From 2 years children to 60 years old people eating Maggi as their daily food. It is very difficult to withdraw Maggi from the society because people are addicted to it.

Some reasons why people loving Maggi:
1. It is easy to cook.
2. It is tasty
3. Easy to digest
4. As children does not eat vegetables mothers make them to eat vegetables through Maggie.
5. Some body think it is healthy.
6. It is cheaper when compare to other food.

Government voice towards Maggi:
1. Maggie contains more lead than threshold value.
2. Long term consumption of Maggi leads to lead poisoning called as Lead palsy.
3. The symptoms of lead palsy are brain degeneration, body growth restriction etc.,

Facts about banning of Maggi :
1. it might be the government plan to withdraw Maggi from the market to counter the foreign economy. Because Maggie making more marketing in India.
2. Some body telling that it is plan of Maggie against companies.
3. If Maggi contains lead more than threshold value then why we don't find even one case because of lead poisoning.
4. It is very difficult to withdraw any product from the market when the market is at high range.
5. If maggi noodles contains lead what about other noodles. They are also using almost same formula as maggi noodles.

Alternative steps to decrease lead poisoning instead of banning Maggi:
1. All are telling that it is dangerous to children health then it is suggested that the label content of Maggi will be changed to NOT FOR CHILDREN and they should mention age group on label.
2. The effects of the packed content should be printed on label as we seen in case of tablets. Then the people who want to eat they can eat and who don't want avoid it.
3. Parents don't cook Maggie for children below 12 years to avoid lead poisoning.
4. The final important thing is that government has to take steps for research on Maggie poisoning to prove its harmful contents. Then it will be helpful for public and its employees.


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