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Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Yes, obviously.....
The recent studies conducted in U.K telling that cancer deaths can be prevented in the age group of below 80 years by the year of 2050. Cancer occurrence at younger stage and adult age below 80 tears can be cured by using present treatment methods.

How can we??
      This is the question that everyone will ask after hearing this news. Here, is the answer. As we know that the main problem in the treatment of cancer is, delay in the detection. Cancer symptoms are not at all detectable at the early stages. In some persons a few symptoms may be detectable. Because the symptoms of cancer are same as other common diseases.

How to detect cancer at early stages:
 To detect cancer at early stages we need some knowledge.
1. Every person has to aware about cancer symptoms.
2. Government and other professionals have to take step forward to educate people about symptoms.
3.  Encourage people to consult physician when suspicious cancer symptoms are detected.

Main cancers that causing more deaths:
There are some cancers in the modern society that causes more deaths. They are
1. Ovarian cancer
2. Breast cancer
3. Prostate cancer
4. Oral cancer
5. Colon cancer
These are some of the main cancer that are causing deaths. So the society has to conscious about the symptoms of these types of cancers.

Illustration Of Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian cancer

Preventive Measures:
        Everyone is thinking that cancer is the deadly disease and if cancer occurs there is no way for anything that death. First we have to erase this belief from minds. Several people scare to consult physician with cancer symptoms by expecting the diagnostic outcome. So, we have to encourage to consulting physician.

It is not easy to prevent cancer without proper steps. Here are some of them.
1. Follow healthy life style.
2. Early detection of disease.
3. Advanced diagnostic techniques
4. Advanced treatment methods
5. Healthy food habits
6. Medication adherence
Healthy food

Sunday, 18 January 2015


     Obesity is one of the major cause of several diseases now a days. The obesity cases are increasing gradually day by day in modern society. A new endocrine Society Clinical-practice guideline on the pharmacological management of obesity outlines a plan for the use of weight loss medications and get away from the medication which are associated with weight gain.

    Professionals who involved in the present research warns the health care professionals that, they must treat the obesity first before going to treat other comorbidities caused by weight gain like,
1. Diabetes
2. Hypertension and
3. Dislipidamia.

Drugs available for the treatment of Obesity:
1. Buprapion/Naltroxone
2. Liraglutide

   These agents join with controlled-release Phentermine, Topiramate and Lorcaserine to treat obesity. Orlistat is available as over the counter drug in the U.S market.

    Use of  approved medication weight-loss medications is used for the people with a BMI of 30 kg/m2 or atleast 27 kg/m2 with or 1 or more comorbidities.

    Pharmacological treatment of obesity is bariatric surgery and usage of approved weight loss medication. But the bariatric surgery involves more complications than medication. Where as
 the weight loss medication usage are convinced by several patients.

Change your food Hbits

   The researchers also telling that the doctors has to treat obesity first and also recommend life style modifications like Yoga, Aerobics etc., Hypoglycemic agents like Metformin and other drugs can increases body weight. So the doctors has to be cautious about this medication.



 If there is no change in weight even after the 2 weeks of therapy with any weight loss medication then immediately stop that agent and skip for other medication.

Friday, 16 January 2015

NSAIDs protects from skin cancer

What are NSAIDs:
Non Steroidal anti Inflammatory Drugs are the agents which are having 3 types of activities
a. Anti pyretic
b. Anti inflammatory and
c. Anti analgesic activity

Non aspirin NSAIDs (Ibuprofen)

Aspirin tablets

Significance of NSAIDs:
1. Used for body aches
2. Used for hyperthermia (Fever)
3. At inflammatory conditions
4. NSAIDs are the choice of drug for arthritis and gout.

Side effects of NSAIDs:
1. Hepatic failure at higher doses for a longer period of time
2. Gastric irritation, gastric bleeding

Contraindications of NSAIDs:
1. NSAIDs are contraindicated for renal impaired patients because NSAIDs are excreted through renal route.
2. NSAIDs are contraindicated for hepatic impaired patients because it is metabolized by glucuronidyl pathway of liver.
3. Contraindicated for gastritis patient as NSAIDs causes gastric bleeding.

Recently it is proved that usage of NSAIDs may protect from skin cancer.
It is already proven that the persons who are using NSAIDs for various health disorders are protective against several cancers like,
1. Prostate cancer
2. Colon cancer
3. Breast cancer and
4. Lung cancer

Now it is evident that NSAIDs also protects from Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC), one type of skin cancer. NSAIDs like Aspirin and Non Aspirin usage protects from SSC AND other cancers. 

Mechanism by which NSAIDs protects from SSC:
NSAIDs inhibits Cyclooxigenase (COX-2) enzyme and inhibits prostaglandins (PG's) which are the mediators of inflammation. So, they inhibit the formation of tumors. By this they protects from SCC. But NSAIDs will not protective against all types of cancers but can protect from some types of tumors as we discuss above. 


        This is the new research that counters the earlier evidences which told that usage of mobile and cordless phones causes cancer. Several researchers told that cell phone usage causes health disorders like skin cancers, brain tumors.
      One research that conducted in U.S told that it causes "Gliomas", type of brain tumor. To counteract this one other group of researchers starts study on people who are frequently using mobiles. It is not easy to conduct Randomized control trail. Because RCT needs to follow group of patients to a certain period of time and also it needs large test population.
        It is also very expensive to conduct. So they conduct case control and cohort study on 1,00,000 people over 10 years. They conduct study in 5 countries all over the world. They observe that the incidence of cancer is only to small extent i.e., 9 in 10,000 people. It is not that much severe condition. So, researchers telling that cell phone usage do not cause brain tumors.
But we have to mind that the radiation releases from mobiles and cordless phones are very dangerous. They can affect health of pregnant women. They also dangerous to children aged below 10 years.
Effects of radiation:
1. It affects pregnant health condition.
2. Affects children health especially brains.
3. Affects bird’s health.
4. May causes some types of skin cancers.
        So, we have to cautious about mobile usage. Especially pregnant women must use head phones while talking in mobiles. Parents never allow children(less than 10 years) to use mobiles more than 1 hour. Every one should use radition free mobiles to save ourselves from radiation. 

Radiation is dangerous for children

Steps to follow to protect ourselves from radiation:
1. Never sleep with mobile under your pillow. Keep mobile at least 10-20 meters away from head.
2. Always use left ear for mobile talking.
3. Never talk by mobile at the time of mobile charging.
4. Never talk by mobile when it is having low battery level (below 10%). At that time the radiation is 1000 times more than normal.
5. Never keep mobile near to vital organs like breast (especially female), heart, testis etc.,

Mobile radiation

Note: Check your mobile radiation by dialing *#07#. If it is less than 1.6 watt/kg its fine but if it is not showing any thing after dialing *#07# then immediately change your mobile as it is having more radiation that is why it is not showing any thing.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Anti Microbial Resistance (AMR):
    This is the condition in which the microbe shows resistance to the respected antibiotics. It mean that the microbe will not killed by antibiotic. This is also called as antibiotic failure.
Eg: Multi Drug Resistance by bacteria Mycobacterium Tuberculae.
      Antibiotic resistance is the alarming future disaster in all over the world. Antibiotic is one of the chemical compounds that are developed to counteract bacteria, virus and all other microbes.
     They counteract microbes and kill them to protect body. Now a day’s means past from 20 years microbial infections occupies major part in disease conditions. Simultaneously antibiotic use also increases. Physicians are prescribing more antibiotics even for small diseases. Some physicians are prescribing strong antibiotics. So the antibiotic resistance is developing in the present society drastically.
     Once one microbe will develops resistance it never be killed by any antibiotic. So physicians should mind about this while prescribing antibiotics. Any treatment for infections by antibiotics must start with weak antibiotics. If that antibiotic dies not show action one should go for another antibiotic. But never use strong antibiotic initially. Antibiotic prescription needs evidence of culture sensitivity test. Prescribing antibiotic without culture test is not a rational prescribing.

      Researchers and professionals telling that antibiotic resistance will be the upcoming future disaster that the world should face.  It is the severe disaster than all other diseases. So, we have to search ways to avoid this.
Till today 7,00,000 people are suffering from AMR (Anti Microbial Resistance).
By the year 2050 it may be 10 million.

Several diseases are there that developing resistance to antibiotics. Some of them are,

  1.  Cholera
  2.  Tuberculosis
  3.   Diarrhoea
  4.  Measles
  5. Tetanus etc.,

Reasons for the development of AMR:

The reasons may be;
  1. Using antibiotics without prescription.
  2. Prescribing antibiotics without proper evidence.
  3. Prescribing strong antibiotics to small infections.
Steps to follow to avoid AMR:
  1.  Should conduct culture sensitivity tests before going to prescribe antibiotics.
  2.  Never use antibiotics without prescription.
  3. Culture sensitivity test
  4. Prescribe weak antibiotics initially.



What is Swine flu:

It is one type of fever that is caused by Influenza virus. There are 3 types in Influenza virus.

  1. A type
  2.  B type 
  3.   C type

B and C are present in human beings. No need to worry about these types. B type is present in humans, pigs and some birds. Swine flu disease is first found in Mexico where more pig farms are maintaining. They frequently use pork as their daily food. The virus present in pig was interacted with the virus present in human and it leads to formation of severe virus that is H1 N1 virus. This mechanism is called as Antigenic shift. This is the causative organism of Swine flu. This virus first transfer from pig to humans and again transmitted from human to human which became most dangerous and communicable disease worldwide. 

What is H1 N1:

Influenza virus contains 2 types of antigens- H and N. H antigen again contains 9 types 1-9. N antigen contains 1-15 types. Among these types of antigens any type can interact with any type and can form new antigens. Here also happens the same thing. 1 type of H is combined with 9 type of N and form H1N1 virus.
H1N1- Swine flu virus
H3N2- Flu virus
H5n5- Bird flu virus

Modes of Transmission of Swine flu:
  1. Swine flu can be transmitted from men to men through droplets of infected person.
  2.  This virus will releases into air by the person at the time of cough and sneeze.
Signs and Symptoms:
  1.  Fever.
  2.  Headache.
  3.  Throat infection.
  4.   Body aches.
  5. Sneezing.
  6. Fatigue etc.,

Swine flu virus does not present in blood samples. It is present in fluids of nose and mouth. This will be collected by using ear bud and this will send for culture test. 

Current status of Swine flu:

Today swine flu is not a severe case because we have better treatment for this. In the year of 2009 and 2010 swine flu is a severe disease. But Researches and WHO is telling that, in future swine flu will become as severe disease due to it modes of transmission.  That’s why we have to be aware of this disease.

Prevention methods:
  1. Isolation of patient.
  2.  Use mask when going into crowd areas.
  3. Wash hands with hand wash after sneezing .
  4. Take proper diet.
  5.  Use medicines as physician advice.
  6. Swine flu Vaccination.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Common Symptoms of Cancer in Females.

    Cancer is the condition in which normal body cells will grow abnormally that will appear as tumors.  The developing cancers needs more nourishment than normal cells. So, they degrades body normal physiology. Final stage of cancer is fatal leads to death.

   Cancer is one of the fatal disease condition that increases day by day in modern world. There are 4 stages in the cancer based on severity of symptoms. If cancer detected in 1st  or 2nd stage it will be cured by using chemo and radiation therapy in 50 to 80% of cases. The main drawback of cancer is the detection of symptoms. Because the symptoms are not recognized up to 3rd stage. In 3rd stage the survival rate is minimum.
Breast cancer- Self examination

Ovarian cancer

   But now a days several treatment options are available for treating cancer. The only need is to detect the symptoms at early stage. So, normal people need to educate about symptoms of cancer. Here, we are giving some common symptoms of cancer that one should not ignore this symptoms.

They are,
1. Changes in Breast size, shape:
It may be the alarming sign for breast and ovarian cancer.

2. Bloating:
Females are common bloaters. But if excess bloating is there, you should consult gynecologist. It may be the symptom for ovarian cancer.

3. Skin change:
If the moles on skin getting changes in their size, color it may indicates skin cancer.

4. Lymph node changes:
Lymph nodes are commonly swells due to indications. But there is excessive swelling it may indicates Leukemia or  Lymphoma.

5. Swallowing difficulty:
If there is difficulty in swallowing it may indicates throat cancer if you are smokers. Swallowing difficulty is also one of the symptoms of Parkinsonism disease.

6. Fever:
If you are suffering from fever frequently along with other symptoms of cancer it may indicates cancer.

7. Heart burn:
If you are frequently suffering from heart burn along with blood stains in stool it may indicates colon cancer.

8. Blood in stools:
If you observe blood in stools at the geriatric age it may indicates colon cancer. Never ignore it.

9. Weight loss:
If you are loosing weight with out trying it indicates any type of cancer. Weight loss is also a common symptom for several diseases like thyroid disorders, diabetes etc.,

10. Mouth cahanges:
If you are a smoker and if you observe any colour changes on lips or any ulcers in mouth, it may indicates oral cancer.

11. Depression:
Although depression is the symptom for psychic disorders, cancer patients also experience depression in some rare conditions.

If you observe the above symptoms first you have to consult physician to relieve symptoms. If the symptoms do not relieve you should consult oncologist for cancer detection and treatment.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Safe and Effective Long-Acting Contraceptives LNG-IUS, ENG


Contraception (birth control) prevents pregnancy by interfering with the normal process of
 Fertilization and
There are different kinds of birth control that act at different points in the process.
1. Contraceptives
2. Condom and
3. Tubal ligation

Intrauterine contraception

Every women ovaries releases one egg (ovum) that have the potency to fertilize when male sperm come into contact with it. If there is no availability of sperm as in case of absence of sexual intercourse the egg get excreted through menstruation.
Now a days many young ladies wish to avoid pregnancy because of several reasons like
1. Career plannings
2. Health conciou
3. Family planning
4. Financial issues etc.,
It is not easy to go for Abortion after conceiving. So, contraceptives is one of the great invention of modern era to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Now a days women depends on contraceptive methods to avoid pregnancy. But some are thinking that the contraceptive methods are not safe for long term use.

Here, we have modern contraceptive methods which are safe on long term usage.
1. Levonorgestrel Intrauterine System (LNG-IUS)
2. Etonogestrel Sub dermal Implants (ENG)  

The researchers conducted study in U.S on long acting oral contraceptives found that the long term usage of LNG-IUS, ENG is safe. They also told that physicians has to counsel  about the long term use of this contraceptives.Contraceptives are majorly used by young ladies aged 15-44 years in U.S.

Usage of  LNG-IUS, ENG:
LNG-IUS, ENG are implanted by physicians (Obstetrician and gyneocologists).

Side effects of LNG-IUS, ENG:
No one medicine is safe without any side effects. contraceptives also involves some mild to moderate side effects as,
1. Abnormal bleeding
2. Uterine hemorrhage
3. Cervicitis
4. Excessive menstruation
5. Rarely serious adverse effect like Pelvic inflammation.

The failure of this contraceptive methods is less and some times no failure their pate at all.
The researchers also told that physicians has to consel their patients about the effecs of contraceptives and in case of side effects they have to prescribe Doxicycline, tranexamic acid mifepristone combined with estrogen etc., to treat infections.

Ultimately women has to use contraceptives under the supervision of physician to avoid serious side effects and patients has to monitor regularly for hormone levels. 

Friday, 9 January 2015

Adding Whole grains to Daily food increases Life Expectancy

  • Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes risks are known to be decreased in the people who are taking whole grains in their daily diet. In U.S very few people are taking whole grains.
  • 100gms of whole grains contain proteins equivalent to proteins present in 250gms of red meat. In 2010 U.S people take only 24g of whole grains which is equal to one whole grain bread slice. 
  • By taking other food material instead of whole grains may increase incidence of cardiovascular risks.          
    Whole Grains
Properties of whole grains:

  • Whole grains like wheat, corn, rye, oats and brown rice as well as barley, bulger, buckwheat, popcorn, amaranth and as well as added bran or germ having beneficial effect as its glycemic properties and nutrient contents are different from other food material. 
  • The blood glucose and insulin levels are less likely changed with whole grains unlike to refined grains. So, the cardiovascular and diabetic risks are decreases.
How to take whole grains in daily food:

  1. Take whole grains instead of snacks at evening times in the form of sprouts.
  2. Take roti (chapatti) of whole grains instead of wheat roti.
  3.  Take whole grain bread instead of milk bread.
  4. Use rice bran oil in cooking instead of other edible oils.    
    Whole grain food
Beneficial nutrients present in Whole grains:

  1. Magnesium
  2. Vitamines
  3. Lignans
  4. Phenolic acid and
  5. Alkylresorcinols.

Amazing facts of Whole grains:

  1. Properties of Whole grains decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  2. Decreases the risk of Diabetes.
  3. Maintain Blood glucose levels within limits in diabetic patients.
  4. Maintain cholesterol levels in obese patients.
  5. Give more fiber to the body.


  1. Cardiovascular risk is decreased by 9% with whole grains.
  2. Mortality was decreased by 5% with whole grains.
  3. The cancer risk is unchanged with Whole grains.