Saturday, 11 April 2015

Be Alert of Sun Stroke

Sun Stroke:
        It is defined as the stroke of heart brought about by excessive heat of sun. It is very common in tropical areas like India at summer season. This is common at summer season i.e,. April to June. This condition may be mild to severe. Some times it is fatal especially for pediatrics and geriatrics.

         So, every one should have knowledge about sun stroke to get rid of its fatal effects. Here I am trying to give little idea about symptoms, causes and first aid of sun stroke.

Causes of Sun stroke:
1. Over working in sun heat (especially between 12 Pm to 4 Pm)
2. Fasting in summer seasons.
3. Lack of water drinking

Symptoms of sun stroke:
1. Over thirsty.
2. Giddiness and fatigue.
3. Palpitation.
4. Dry mouth and dry lips.
5. Fever and diarrhea.
6. Hypotension.

Effects of sun stroke:
1. The common effects are weakness.
2. Some times the effects are fatal like excessive diarrhea.
3. Sudden heart stoke.

How to detect Sun stroke:
If any of the above symptoms were seen in patient we decided that it is sun stroke. The patient looses electrolytes due to sun heat so the blood pressure decreases it may leads to decreasing of blood supply to heart which results heart stroke.

First aid for sun stroke:
1. Patient has brought to cool place immediately.
2. Loosen the body clothes to encourage breathing.
3. Give plenty of water.
4. If possible give ORS.
5. If symptoms are severe take patient to hospital immediately.


Prevention measures:
1. Drink plenty of water.
2. Use umbrellas and caps while going to out side in between 12 Pm to 4 Pm.
3. Take fruit juices, coconut water and fruit juices.
4. Wear cotton clothes.
5. Take rest.

Use Umbrella

Drinking water

Cotton fabrics 

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