Sunday, 5 April 2015

Tips to protect health of Aged parents.

Parents are the origin of our lives. All of us know that without our parents we are nothing. So the medical care given to them at old age is the real gift to them by us. So we have to take care of their health. But many of us do not know how to protect their health. Here are some tips to save their health. They are;

 1. Medical care:
Sure that your parents having appointments of medical care. Make sure that your parents receiving proper medical care.

2. Medication safety:
Medication safety is the main part of parents health. So make sure that the medication using by person for any disorder is safe or not.

3. Physical activity:
We have to encourage our parents to do physical activity at the level best depending on their age.

4. Mental health:
Observe their mental health like anxiety and depression. If any signs of mental disorder are observed then immediately get proper therapy.

5. Good nutrition:
Encourage our parents to take healthy and nutrients rich diet to avoid more health problems.

6. Home improvements.
7. Safety-proofing.
8. Helpful devices.
Medical care 


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