Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Anti Microbial Resistance (AMR):
    This is the condition in which the microbe shows resistance to the respected antibiotics. It mean that the microbe will not killed by antibiotic. This is also called as antibiotic failure.
Eg: Multi Drug Resistance by bacteria Mycobacterium Tuberculae.
      Antibiotic resistance is the alarming future disaster in all over the world. Antibiotic is one of the chemical compounds that are developed to counteract bacteria, virus and all other microbes.
     They counteract microbes and kill them to protect body. Now a day’s means past from 20 years microbial infections occupies major part in disease conditions. Simultaneously antibiotic use also increases. Physicians are prescribing more antibiotics even for small diseases. Some physicians are prescribing strong antibiotics. So the antibiotic resistance is developing in the present society drastically.
     Once one microbe will develops resistance it never be killed by any antibiotic. So physicians should mind about this while prescribing antibiotics. Any treatment for infections by antibiotics must start with weak antibiotics. If that antibiotic dies not show action one should go for another antibiotic. But never use strong antibiotic initially. Antibiotic prescription needs evidence of culture sensitivity test. Prescribing antibiotic without culture test is not a rational prescribing.

      Researchers and professionals telling that antibiotic resistance will be the upcoming future disaster that the world should face.  It is the severe disaster than all other diseases. So, we have to search ways to avoid this.
Till today 7,00,000 people are suffering from AMR (Anti Microbial Resistance).
By the year 2050 it may be 10 million.

Several diseases are there that developing resistance to antibiotics. Some of them are,

  1.  Cholera
  2.  Tuberculosis
  3.   Diarrhoea
  4.  Measles
  5. Tetanus etc.,

Reasons for the development of AMR:

The reasons may be;
  1. Using antibiotics without prescription.
  2. Prescribing antibiotics without proper evidence.
  3. Prescribing strong antibiotics to small infections.
Steps to follow to avoid AMR:
  1.  Should conduct culture sensitivity tests before going to prescribe antibiotics.
  2.  Never use antibiotics without prescription.
  3. Culture sensitivity test
  4. Prescribe weak antibiotics initially.


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