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Be aware of Breast cancer


    It is one of the deadly cancers in women which incidence is increasing yearly. It is originating from breast tissue. It occurs both men and women but females are more prone to breast cancer.After cervical cancer breast cancer is occupies next place which kills women. One of the major issue with breast cancer is that it is often not detected soon enough. Low awareness about the disease is one of the loophole for the early detection of breast cancer. Detecting it early can significantly reduce the death risk.



1. Gender- Females
2. Age
3.Mutations in genes
4.  Modern life style factors
5. Hormonal dysfunctions.


Some common symptoms of breast cancer are:
1. A hard ‘lump’  in the breast. Usually, these lumps are painless.
2. Occasionally, a clear cut lump cannot be felt. And this feel is different as compared to the same area of the opposite breast.
3. Bloody or a blood stained nipple discharge.
4. A recent ‘in drawing’ or ‘inward pull’ on the nipple or even a change in direction
5. Changes in the skin over the breast, which feels thick, hard and like an ‘orange’ peel
6. Occasionally, small  nodes may be felt in the armpit. 

1. Unhealthy life style.
2. Early menarche (start of menstruation) and late menopause which exposes the body’s cells to more than normal oestrogen.
3.  First delivery beyond 30 years of age increase chances of developing breast cancer
4.  Genetic predisposition – about 6-8% of breast and ovarian cancers seem to be family-based.


According to the American Cancer Society’s guidelines for early detection of breast cancer:
1. A woman should undergo yearly mammograms starting at the age of 40. This practice should be continued for as long as the woman is healthy.
2. They should get a clinical breast examination (CBE), approximately every 3 years for women in their 20s and 30s and every year for women in their 40s and over.
3. Women should know how their breasts normally look and feel and should report any breast changes promptly to their health care provider. Alternatively they could perform a breast self exam (BSE) starting in their 20s.
The standard treatment methods include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. These methods have undergone vigorous trials over several decades and are the best forms of treatment. The proof of the same is the fantastic increase in survival in almost all cancers in the western nations. 


1. Chemotherapy.
2. Radiation therapy
3. Natural ways to motivate patients like yoga,aerobics etc.,
4. Health life habits
5. The ultimate way to come out from breast cancer is SURGERY (Breast Conserving Surgery)


Early detection is only the way to prevent breast cancer. So, every woman has to increase their awareness about breast cancer. Every women has to go for breast mammogram every year after menopause.
The governments must take steps to encourage the health care providers (HCP's)to conduct educational programs to educate people about breast cancer.

Breast self examination:





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