Friday, 16 January 2015

NSAIDs protects from skin cancer

What are NSAIDs:
Non Steroidal anti Inflammatory Drugs are the agents which are having 3 types of activities
a. Anti pyretic
b. Anti inflammatory and
c. Anti analgesic activity

Non aspirin NSAIDs (Ibuprofen)

Aspirin tablets

Significance of NSAIDs:
1. Used for body aches
2. Used for hyperthermia (Fever)
3. At inflammatory conditions
4. NSAIDs are the choice of drug for arthritis and gout.

Side effects of NSAIDs:
1. Hepatic failure at higher doses for a longer period of time
2. Gastric irritation, gastric bleeding

Contraindications of NSAIDs:
1. NSAIDs are contraindicated for renal impaired patients because NSAIDs are excreted through renal route.
2. NSAIDs are contraindicated for hepatic impaired patients because it is metabolized by glucuronidyl pathway of liver.
3. Contraindicated for gastritis patient as NSAIDs causes gastric bleeding.

Recently it is proved that usage of NSAIDs may protect from skin cancer.
It is already proven that the persons who are using NSAIDs for various health disorders are protective against several cancers like,
1. Prostate cancer
2. Colon cancer
3. Breast cancer and
4. Lung cancer

Now it is evident that NSAIDs also protects from Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC), one type of skin cancer. NSAIDs like Aspirin and Non Aspirin usage protects from SSC AND other cancers. 

Mechanism by which NSAIDs protects from SSC:
NSAIDs inhibits Cyclooxigenase (COX-2) enzyme and inhibits prostaglandins (PG's) which are the mediators of inflammation. So, they inhibit the formation of tumors. By this they protects from SCC. But NSAIDs will not protective against all types of cancers but can protect from some types of tumors as we discuss above. 


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