Thursday, 25 December 2014

Viral arthritis

    viral prodrome is the underlying cause for the viral arthritis. In US most of the patients present with viral Arthritis. Generally symmetrical small joints are involved in viral arthritis. Rarely different patterns of joint and soft-tissue with different viral infections may occurs.
    But luckily this type of arthritis associated with viral infections is nondestructive and does not lead to any currently recognized form of chronic disease.

    This type of arthritis is completely differ from normal rheumatoid arthritis in severity sense. RA leads to chronic if untreated and also by age where as viral arthritis doesn't vary with age. The pain at joints will be relieved once viral infection clears.

     Viral arthritis will be treated by using antibiotics, analgesics, immunomodulators, NSAID's immunoglobulin agents.


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