Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Protect your thyroid

    It is a butterfly shaped gland that located at either sides of throat region. It secretes thyroid hormones which regulates the body metabolism.
The three main functions of thyroid gland:
1. Metabolism
2. Body Homeostasis
3. Regulates menstrual cycle.
Thyroid hormones are 2 types - Thyronine, thyroxin. 
If any damage occurs to the thyroid gland , several body functions get disturbed. So, never neglect thyroid health especially at menopause stage.

Picture of Human Thyroid Gland
Thyroid Gland

Triggering factors for thyroid damage:
1. Age (Menopause woman)
2. Gender (Female)
3. Food (Junk food) etc.,

Thyroid abnormalities:
1. Hypothyroidism
2. Hyperthyroidism.

Symptoms of thyroid disorder:
1. Weight gain or weight loss unintentionally.
2. Irregular menstrual cycle.
3. Hair loss (Alopecia)
4. Heat or cold intolerance.
5. Various skin problems.

Bothering about your thyroid health???
Follow these tips to protect your thyroid.

1. Salt:
A thyroid needs Iodine to work well. Iodine is absorbed through iodized table salt. So, take sufficient amount of salt in your diet.

2. Leafy greens:
Thyroid needs magnesium(Mg) to do its functions properly. Spinach, lettuce and other leafy greens are rich sources of Mg. So, add these leafy greens to your daily diet.

3. Dry fruits:
Dry fruits are another sources of Mg. They are not only rich in Mg but also Selenium, the another mineral that supports the thyroid.

4. Sea food:
Sea food like fish, shrimp and sea weed are great sources of iodine but avoid kelp if you have hypothyroidism.

Sea food
Dry fruits

Leafy Greens

Thyroid Medication and food:
Thyroid medication interacts with some types of food that we take. So, be cautious about food while taking thyroid medication.
So, take medicine on empty stomach preferably in the morning for better results.

Ask your Doctor or Pharmacist for more information.


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