Sunday, 15 February 2015

Ovarian cancer risk may increased by Hormone Replacement Therapy

           At menopause stage the women bodies stop producing sex hormones (estrogen,progesterone) which are important to maintain normal physiological functions like metabolism,mental activities etc., So after menopause (at post menopausal stage) woman starts to take Estrogen and progesterone pills under the super vision of gynecologist. This is called as Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) .

     HRT therapy having some side effects. These are common and mild in nature like dizziness,weight gain,mood swings etc., Recent studies reveal that long term use of HRT may increase the risk of ovarian cancer. The researchers conducted epidemiological studies at U.S by using case and control group and concluded that HRT may increases cancer risk.

            It is very severe in the patients in whom ovaries are dissected at the time of hysterectomy. But risk is lesser in patients with ovaries. The researchers conduct case control study in which, group is Patients are post menopausal and having ovarian cancer
2. Control group is patients are postmenopausal but not having ovarian cancer and still having their ovaries.

            They compare both groups by conducting meta-analysis and concluded that the usage of HRT for even less period may increases the cancer risk up to 20% . The researchers also told that patient related factors like body weight,hysterectomy, other diseases does not shows effect on HRT. The more the recent the therapy the great the risk. Woman who had stopped HRT recently but were within 5 years of last use at the time of their cancer risk , although having used HRT for at least 5 years was still associated with 10% increased relative risk more than 5 years later.

Ways to avoid Adverse effects of HRT :
There are some ways to relief from the side effects of HRT. If we follow these we can get rid of side effects. They are, 
1. Yoga
2. Aerobics
3. Healthy food
4. Daily exercises
5. Meditation etc.,

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